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David Gruder – What is Energy Psychology?

Transcript of the interview of David Gruder

David Laroche: I would like to know what is according to you is energy psychology?
David Gruder: Well now we are going to really switch gears because energy psychology is a speciality area inside the field of psychology that uses specific deliberate treatments or the interventions with aspects of the human vibration matrix, the most commonly known portions of the human vibrations or the matrix that most of the public has heard of are the meridians, the series of avenues in our field that acupuncture points are located on, those are pathways that achieve our energy flows or chakras as it is often referred to but it is hard CH in Sanskrit. Chakras, which are centres of energy concentration and our bio field with the envelop of the energy that our physical body is living inside of and energy psychology uses very specific direct explicit interventions with these aspects of your human vibration matrix in order to help people rapidly and durably remove all baggage and blocks and then desired beliefs and peak performance and that’s what energy psychology is, is basically it’s a form of psychotherapy that in very methodical deliberate ways utilises the energy system to help with the psychotherapy to process.
David Laroche: Can I use the energy psychology alone?
David Gruder: One of the beauties, one of many advantages of the energy psychology is that there are self-help versions of energy psychology. For example I have a self-health version that I have available but it’s far less well known, it’s just a CD that people can use that they can walk themselves through self-treatment using energy psychology methods but the most popular well known self-health version of the energy psychology is called the EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, and that’s just one member of broad family of methods in the energy psychology family.
David Laroche: So you have your CD, right? With your methods?
David Gruder: Yes it’s called energy psychology anywhere because it meant to be portable.

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