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David Gruder – How do experts approach challenges?

Transcript of the interview of David Gruder

David Laroche: And I have a question for you, do you think that people like you and like each expert who have a gift to share – like you have integrity -, do you think every expert will have the challenges, the experiences, the struggles to help him to find his message and do you think you will maybe during all your life, you will be faced to challenge about integrity to learn more and more to help people, do you understand what I would like to ask you?

David Gruder: Yeah well, there is no question that I have done some of my best learning, when I have been in my deepest pain. You know there is an old saying that I have never been able to find the source for its anonymous. It is mostly people change, not because they have seen the light, but because they feel the heat, and part of what I have been committed to more and more as I grown older and older, is learning how to be a happy learner, rather than someone who needs to be in pain before I learn, but up until more recent years I absolutely did my greatest amount of growing when I was in the deepest amount of pain. Yeah, so that is definitely true. As far as integrity goes, you know when I felt like I was called to position myself finally as an integrity expert, part of me did not want to do that, because it was very clear to me that if I was going to say yes to that mission, I was going to have to be willing to embody integrity at such a high level that I was completely my being and my actions were completely aligned with my message and I was not sure I wanted to be that, I was not sure that I wanted to hold myself to that highest standard, but being a recovering perfectionist, that kind of won over. So, I did ultimately say yes to that, and I have continued to learn more and more about, not just integrity, but applied integrity. What integrity looks like as a set of skills, and as a set of behaviours in peoples personal lives, and in business and among leadership, so I feel like I am just beginning to get a full feel and picture for what applied integrity includes.
David Laroche: And what do you think, do you think the kind of universe will test you every time to test maybe more than others your integrity?
David Gruder: No I do not think so, I know so. Of course, whenever I have made any kind of commitment to anything. The universe responds to me and I know I am not alone this way, but I have heard other people say this too, but I will just say it in a personal way the universe responds to me by throwing experiences that mean that essentially are as though the universe is saying to me “David are you sure? Are you sure you really want to make this commitment move in this direction?” So yes, constantly, there are challenges around that.
David Laroche: Great, it is very important for me to tell people to listen to that.

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