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David Gruder – 1st level of Energy Psychology

Transcript of the interview of David Gruder

David Laroche: So what can you, you have something to show me now what I can do and what the people can do in using that?
David Gruder: Sure, so there are three levels that I like to teach people about using energy psychology method, the first level has to do with systemically just helping them create a basic energy balance in their system so if you are to right now let’s do something that actually originally from yoga where shall I teach you this right now?
David Laroche: Yeah, yeah.
David Gruder: So take your left ankle and put it over your right ankle, take your hands put them out in front of you with the thumbs down and cross your right hand over your left and cross them together and now bring them up to your chest comfortably in a way that’s physically comfortable for you. You don’t want to strain your body and now in this posture and you can have your feet flat on the floor if you like when you inhale, you bring your tongue to the top of your mouth and when you exhale you bring your tongue down to the bottom of your mouth okay. So you can inhale through or exhale through your nose or mouth just breath comfortably but when you are inhaling tongue goes up here I just telling you with my mouth open but you don’t have to open your mouth, and when you are exhaling your tongue goes down here behind your lower front teeth and again you can do that with your mouth close people don’t have to see what you are doing and you sitting in this posture for about 2 to 3 min and if you are feeling stressed or agitated and need to calm down, this is very helpful exercise for that. It’s also helpful for people with their having difficulty following sleep because we can do this posture when you are laying down and it can help relax our system. So that’s one thing and then let me offer the opposite of that which would be forgetting be building up energy for becoming more energized, and this is something that we usually do standing up but for the sake of not having to move the cameras, you and I will do the sitting down.
David Laroche: We can do that, we can stand up.
David Gruder: Yeah, okay
David Laroche: Just take it.
David Gruder: And this is called the cross crawl, and what you do is you take your left hand and put it on your right knee and right hand put it on your left knee just like that. So we are doing here is we are crossing the middle of our body which is encouraging for left and right hemisphere to talk to each other in our brand and where drawing energy throughout our system as well with what we are doing and we can add little bit more to get your brain working even more fully if you’ll face me and keep doing this and now what I’ll have you do this close your eyes keep going back in forth close your eyes yeah that’s right. Now open your eyes look at my fingers down here, keep going back in forth, keep doing that just with your head now just with your eyes not your head. That’s right, now look down this way, now follow my fingers just with your eyes, keep your eyes stationary, don’t move your head just your eyes that’s right. Good, good now back the other way yeah, see this is making you happy, and now count to 5.
David Laroche: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….
David Gruder: And hum some notes. (Humming) and now count 5 again.
David Laroche: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
David Gruder: Good and you can stop now; check inside to see how you feel right now.
David Laroche: Very good.
David Gruder: Yeah, so that’s more energizing and some people do variations on that where if they do all those extra steps they will instead of I had you count and then hums some notes and then count again. Others will have you hums some notes and then count how much second time, but they are all different variations on it great.
David Laroche: Okay it’s great.
David Gruder: So that’s for balancing our full system.
David Laroche: Yeah.

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